Fusion Marketing Experience

The Fusion Marketing Experience events played a pioneering role in advocating a customer-centric and integrated approach to marketing and sales, and tearing down the silos between various digital marketing tactics.

Fusion Marketing Experience was launched in 2010 by i-SCOOP, focusing on the customer experience and digital marketing transformation under the motto “Improve business value by improving customer value.”

From sales and marketing strategy, CRM, marketing tactics, evolving customer behavior, and customer service, to sales and marketing technology, customer data management, marketing automation, and customer data platforms for the age of big data and digital transformation: the Fusion Marketing Experience covered it all.

As you can see with all the links above, a lot of content offered by Fusion Marketing Experience has been migrated to the i-SCOOP website, as have reports on the various editions. Moreover, i-SCOOP also looks at more recent evolutions such as the transition to a cookieless world, account-based marketing, DataOps, and RevOps.

Last but not least, i-SCOOP also covers technological evolutions across ample vertical industries with a focus on, among others Industry 4.0, IoT, BIM, and digitization trends.

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